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Brown Dog

Adopt a rescue

You’re one step closer toward giving our lovely rescues the life that they deserve. Adopt a rescue now in and give them belly rubs everyday!

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How to Adopt from AKF


Accomplish and fill out the AKF Dog Rehoming Application Form to express your desire to adopt a chosen pet.


Upon receipt of the form, we'll schedule an interview to assess if you and your chosen pet are a good match.


Congratulations! You may schedule a pick up of your pet at our shelter or we may deliver it to your address.


They Can't Wait to See You!

Rescued from cruelty and neglect, the dogs are brought in at the AKF shelter for rehabilitation. Upon full recovery, we find them a new home and family to love them furever. #AdoptDontShop

AKF adoption

A message from our rescues

AKF adoption

We're happy that you're here! My fellow rescues are looking forward to meet their new family. Are you ready? The adoption process is as easy as 1-2-3! Now, let me walk you through it.


Want to Participate in These Programs?

There are many ways to get involved in the advocacy. Tap the button to know how you can help improve the lives of our beloved animals. 

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