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Stronger, Together: The AKF and Soi Dog Partnership

Soi Dog is an animal welfare organization established in Thailand back in 2003. Like Animal Kingdom Foundation, Soi Dog’s purpose is to help street dogs and cats that are uncared for, address their medical needs, and provide a humane and sustainable solution to the growing population of stray animals. 

Their general missions (helping animals in Asia and spearheading spay and neuter programs) segue to one of AKF’s core programs which is to end DMT (dog meat trade) in the Philippines. 

Last June (2022), these non-profit organizations with a  shared determination to end the dog and cat meat trade, formalized a partnership. Since then, they have been working with AKF in raiding slaughterhouses, and raising awareness about the fight to end dog meat trade in the country.  In the fight against dog meat trade, we are stronger together.

AKF in collaboration with local government units, DILG, NMIS and PNP, helped intercept dog meat trucks, rescued and rehomed thousands of animals in the country. As we partner with Soi Dog Foundation, our fight to ultimately end the illegal trade is now stronger than ever.

To help eradicate this prominent illegal activity, follow our efforts at

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