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Our programs cover various responses to the needs of animals to promote their welfare.


At AKF, we are dedicated to promoting animal welfare through various programs and projects. Our Community Conservation program focuses on protecting and conserving endangered animal species in their natural habitats. Our Stop Wildlife Crime program aims to put a stop to poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking. Our Early Education program aims to educate children about the importance of animal welfare and conservation. Our Marine Conservation program focuses on protecting marine life and their habitats. Our Forest Restoration program aims to restore and protect forest ecosystems. Lastly, our Environmental Policy program aims to influence policies and regulations that will benefit animal welfare and conservation globally.

AKF rescue center

Stories of love, courage, and rehabilitation as our rescues recover from their previous situation.

Kennel Stories

AKF rescue center

The best place for your best friend! We offer low-cost veterinary services to accommodate those who can’t afford it.

Low-Cost Clinic


Want to Participate in These Programs?

There are many ways to get involved in the advocacy. Tap the button to know how you can help improve the lives of our beloved animals. 

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